3 Secrets to getting over the negative mindset around selling.

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When I realized that I needed to learn marketing to save my ailing business one of the first things that entered my mind was “oh crap I’m gunna have to sell.” This conjured up all sorts of negative images of used car and snake oil salesmen hocking their wares to unsuspecting consumers. My stomach turned with the unease and conflicted emotions every time I went out on a sales call.  I had a mindset issue around selling. Not only did I have a mindset issue around selling but I also had a mindset issue around the services I was providing. My prospects could sense I was conflicted and uncomfortable with selling as well. I pushed too hard and over sold, because that’s how I thought the game was played. Inevitably the prospects would turn cold and I would lose the sale.  These issues kept me from getting more design projects and from growing my design firm.

All that changed when, I discovered these three secrets to get over the negative mindset around selling that were keeping me from the success I deserved.

  1.  Get serious and make a decision for your future.  If you aren’t marketing, you aren’t selling. If you aren’t selling you aren’t making money. If you aren’t making money you don’t have a business.  You have a hobby.  This may sound like common sense. But, as many of you know common sense is not that common! And you may have heard this before but are you integrating this into your business on a day to day basis?  Once I realized this I started thinking more strategically about my business and was much more deliberate in my efforts to get more design projects. Get serious if you have a business this is what it takes miss any step in this equation and you are setting yourself up for failure.
  2. It’s not about me its about them. Dan Kennedy defines selling as: “Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them and getting them emotionally commit to take action”Once I read this my mindset around selling shifted. I realized that selling isn’t about the money or the selling, it is about the helping.  Our services are intended to provide our clients a result that they want and are looking for and that is good for them.
  3. I am not a widget.  I saw my services as a commodity, a widget, and as a result couldn’t see the value in my time. I was trading time for money trying to out compete the low guy for the cheapest rates. Once I realized that I am in the business of solving people’s problems, easing pain and bringing joy not pushing a product. My mindset block was lifted. Gone were the images of used car and snake oil salesmen and these were replaced with images of a trusted advisor and problem solver.  If you can’t see the value in your time and services no one else will.

Once I cleared my mindset issues around selling, I could confidently go out and pitch my services without all the negative feelings and emotions and got more design services. Do you have mindset issues that are blocking you from the success you deserve?

  • Maria August 27, 2013, 1:59 pm

    Nice, David! And so true … miss ya buddy.

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