Crab Hunting in Grand Cayman

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This summer my family and I went to Grand Cayman for a family vacation. It was a great time and I learned a lot about marketing while I was there. Marketing you say! Yes, marketing.

The island has several varieties of land crabs, some quite large. My children and I love to go out, hunt and capture these crabs for fun. Every day they would go out, armed with all sorts of crab getting paraphernalia, hunting for crabs and come home with a bucket full off crawling crabs. By morning the bucket would be empty. So the next day we start all over again. The kids really enjoyed it. At first we just walked along and grabbed whatever we saw, without much more thought to it than that. But the kids wanted more and bigger crabs. So we started to pay attention to what was going on. Well, we learned a lot about the crabs habits and how to hunt them while were there. We actually determined a whole set of “rules” around the crab hunting.

  1. The biggest crabs come out about an hour after sunset.
  2. Vacant lots with lots of shrubby undergrowth have the most crabs.
  3. Crabs don’t like tall grass.
  4. Crabs hang out around the garbage pails looking for food.
  5. Crabs have really good hearing and run away really fast.
  6. Crabs put up their pincers when threatened as a defensive mechanism.  This is also a big weakness.

So what does crab hunting have to do with marketing design services and getting more design projects you ask. It has everything to do with getting more design projects. If you think of marketing and getting more design projects as a hunt you can create a similar set of rules or conditions around going out and getting new clients. When you look back at the crab hunting example we started to pay attention and learned about the habits and characteristics of the crabs so when we went out hunting we more likely to get a lot of big crabs. When you go out looking to get more design projects do you want more, bigger projects? I bet you do.

When thinking about your prospects it’s important to know everything you can about their characteristics, habits, needs and objections. So when you go hunting for new projects and clients you are strategic about it and more likely to come back with more and bigger design projects.

Looking back at our crab hunting most of the crabs would scurry off into the underbrush when we made too much noise. However, when we were quieter and could get close the crabs got really defensive and they would put up their claws.  This scared the kids at first but we figured out they would stand their ground and not move as fast when doing this, which it made it much easier to catch them.  When speaking to potential clients it is important to know what scares them off. What their concerns and objections are. When do they go running off screaming? Where, and when do they put up their defenses? What are the trigger points? What are the concerns or hesitations about hiring you? You can use this information to your benefit by preparing for the hesitations and objections beforehand. Go out hunting prepared to get results.

I used to treat marketing as a stroll in the woods, casually grabbing whatever happened to cross my path or catch my eye. However, now I treat marketing like hunting. I have learned what kind of clients I want. What their characteristic and habits are and where they hang out. Now I go out strategically prepared with the right information to go out and target my ideal clients and come back with more, bigger better design projects.

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