Growing Firm

You are a small firm of 1 to 5 people. You have been around for a few years you have a good reputation and network of referral partners with a relatively consistent flow of projects. The problem is you want to grow your firm, move into new territories, create a backlog of work and generate a more reliable stream of projects. You know marketing is the way to get more business but don’t know where or how to start.

Chances are you have mastered the basics of network marketing. You have created some great relationships with allied professionals in the area and have a good reputation.  However, your work is mostly local and on a smaller scale. You know you can play a bigger game. And you want to work on bigger better design projects

As a principal you are probably still involved in the day to day operations of every aspect of your business. You may even log a few hours on the CAD system on a regular basis.  You love spending time with the team working out the design and finalizing details.  You don’t want to lose touch with this part of the business.

However, you struggle with maintaining consistency, everyone seems to be on their own page and doing their own thing. You don’t have the budget to hire a full time marketing person and you know it is important to market but feel the pull of “billable hours” tugging at your conscious.  You justify not spending time on your marketing with “the clients come first” reasoning.  I can’t blame you.  I felt the same way.

I know all of this because this was me before I discovered how easy and fun marketing could be.  Once I realized the keys to getting more design projects things clicked and everything changed. How would you like to expand your market and work on those bigger better projects or have a website that sold you and your services before you even walk through the door for your get acquainted meeting.  How would you like to have the systems in place to ensure consistency and the professional service you feel your clients deserve. These things are all possible once you discover the secrets to effective marketing and systematizing your business.

I know marketing and systems aren’t sexy.  They certainly are not why you entered the profession in the first place.  You are afraid that growing and marketing your business will take too much time and take you away from the things that you love.  However, if you are committed to changing and growing, some things will have to change in order for you to grow.  Once I discovered the one key fact that changed my mindset and expectations about how I spend my time, which I discuss in my free report How to grow your design business and get more design projects, it changed everything

I know I can help you systematize your business and help you get more design projects. It is hugely important for you to master these skills and implement change. Not only to bring order, predictability and stability to your life. But also because there are clients out there that need the services you are providing.  Are you ready to take the next step and discover the skills that are keeping you from the success you deserve!