Ideal Clients

At Get More Design Projects we work with:

  1. Dedicated designers who want to make a difference both locally and globally.
  2. Motivated professionals who are driven by success and the good that can come from a project well done.
  3. Honest professionals who are committed to growing their businesses beyond where they are today to change more lives.
  4. Eager professionals who are ready to make a change and are excited to undertake the challenges that come with growing a business.
  5. Creative designers who are willing to learn new skills and push their limits of what they thought was possible.
  6. Smart designers willing to make an investment in their future.

Are you my ideal client?

If you are ready to grow your business check out the profiles to see which category you most likely fit into.  Are you a Sole Practioner, a Growing Firm  or an Expanding Firm?Once you know who you are and where you want to go we can schedule a 30 min. get acquainted call to see if you are right for our program.  From there its a matter of determining how much coaching you need and what level of investment you want to make in your success.

Are you ready for the success you deserve? Contact us today.