Success Stories

After my first session with David the amount of clarity on new possibilities was not only amazing but actions I could immediately put into place to increase my income. His reassuring way made my goals seem within reach. Most important with working with David was his brilliant insights on moving to a much higher level of success and income. Truly a masterful coach and am blessed to have the opportunity to work with him.

Sara Canuso
A Suitable Solution

David, I wanted to let you know that your coaching has been life changing. In our first meeting, you were able to point out a few simple things I could view different to help me make some life changing decision. Not only that but then you helped me create an amazing path forward that I am putting into action. It going to take some time but it will be amazing when finished. Thank you so much for your help, direction and coaching. Proud to have you as my High Performance Coach.

Luis Idrobo

David is a truly gifted coach. During the time that I’ve worked with him, he has consistently stretched me, provided me with great ideas and keen insights, and helped me grow both personally and professionally. My business has grown tremendously in our time together and I still have more to implement. If you’d like to take things to the next level, you owe it to yourself to start a conversation with David.

Charles Ogwyn
Ogwyn Enterprises

Thank you David for the thought provoking questions and caring, informed responses during our brain storming session to discuss my next step business ideas. Your training and capability to evaluate solutions, tied with your gentle demeanor, made our session productive as well as pleasantly fun and enjoyable. Thank you!

Dale Minske
LCR Collection Interior Design
West Hartford, CT

Being the owner of a small and growing structural engineering business we have developed marketing material and a marketing campaign to expand the services that we provide and to illustrate to potential new clients the full range of our services and the structural engineering expertise that we possess.
You analysis of our material, website and marketing campaign enables us to redirect our current marketing strategy and to produce a revised and focused marketing campaign which will highlight what distinguishes us from the competition. In addition, you definitely caused a paradigm shift in how we view the firm in the realm of the internet: thanks to your constructive criticism, we now understand the necessary steps that we must take in order to achieve our goals!

Domenico Antonelli
B-Cubed Engineering LLC